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Slot Machine Rules

The rules to slots are quite simple. You deposit coins (usually 1-4) and spin the reels. In a physical casino, you spin the reels by either pushing a button or yanking on a lever, whichever you prefer. In an online casino, you would use your mouse to click on the button or lever.

There are one or more horizontal lines across the window of the slot machine. If a certain combination falls on a horizontal line when the reels stop, you are a winner. Payouts vary by machine, and by the number of lines you choose to play.

Slots generally fall into two categories - straight slots and progressive slots. A straight slot will pay your winning combinations according to a predetermined schedule. A progressive slot machine will pay you in a similar way unless you hit the progressive jackpot. When you hit the jackpot, you typically win a huge sum of money. In a progressive slot game, a percentage of each coin dropped in the slot machine is added to the jackpot. If no one hits a jackpot in a while, it can grow to be quite large. (Some pooled jackpots in Las Vegas go up to millions of dollars.)

It is this large progressive jackpot that is often times the main lure for many slot players. You may go a long while without making much money, but if you hit the big one, then you instantly win a horde of cash. It's a pretty attractive proposition, and an irresistible one for the true gambler.